How i came to music…
Making music is happiness. My story began at the age of four. Everyday my father played organ at home. Sometimes i was sitting next to him and pressed some keys. He began to teach me. The same year i learned silent night and played it on x-mas for the whole family. From there i had to play it every year. i hated it. So i stoped everything with music, without listening to it.
In the next years, every time i saw someone playing a piano or anything else, there was this energy like the waves of an earthquake which floated me and which pressed me to this instrument and said: “Start playing right now.” Of course i had no idea how to play, because at the age of 33 i list everything of my memories of playing an instrument. I only had this feeling left from earlier, how it is to play. So i teached myself playing piano. With time raised the wich to make something own. So here I am. That’s my story.